Strange behavioue after upgrading to 13.4

I launched my M2 MBP, made a backup and upgraded to 13.4
There were 54 messages in my junk folder
None had any color on them.
I checked the log and there were two messages labeled Spam but they weren’t in the junk folder.
Once recently on 13.3 it took a while for the spam to get colors but they always did.
The mail rules first rule shows “Rescue Good Messages SpamSeive” which says any >> every message>> Run AppleScript Apple Mail Rescue Good Messages
Se second rule is calle “SpamSeive” and it says if any>> every message>> move message to mailbox All Junk

I stepped away for a couple of hours and when I came back all my original messages are colored.The five that came in the last hour are not colored. I can’t find most of the spam in the log

The messages will only be mentioned in the log if SpamSieve had processed them. The uncolored ones were moved there by a server junk filter or another Mac, so it’s normal for them not to be mentioned in the log.

If you have the rescue script installed, it will run and color the messages when you receive a new message in your inbox. So if you are only receiving new spams, it can take a while for them to get colored unless you configure the script to run as an applet instead of as a rule.