Sudden problem with whitelisting?

Hello. I’ve been using SpamSieve to my complete satisfaction for years (first on a Mac Pro Intel and now MacMini M2), which is why I’ve never signed up for this forum.
Recently, however, I’ve run into a strange problem. Increasingly, I’m getting all kinds of Spam again that doesn’t seem to be intercepted.
Two days ago I wanted to whitelist a supplier’s email address and noticed that the whitelist contained more than 6000 lines, containing all kinds of very dubious senders.
Looking further I discovered that in all cases the switch was set to enabled.
Of course I will try periods of different settings regarding filters in the coming time, but given the recent changes I wanted to report it here anyway.

Current system: MacMini M2 Pro 32 GB running macOS Ventura v. 13.4

If there are incorrect whitelist rules that are enabled, that sounds like you have not been correcting the mistakes. Please see Spammy Whitelist Rules for more information about this.

As to why a particular message was not caught, you could check the log to see what happened with it.