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suddenly can't f1

Suddenly today I’m unable to import using f1/option f1. Is there any change in EF that would have caused this to happen? (I don’t know what a Default X folder is, the one I’m prompted to delete.)

Version 3.6 of Firefox removed the AppleScript support that EagleFiler depends on, so capturing will not work. You could try using a bookmarklet, an older version of Firefox, or another browser.

What a bummer. I think I’ll try another browser, as I’m really used to the keystrokes.

Arggh. Google Chrome, too. I guess it’s back to Safari. What’s up with the browsers abandoning Applescript? (And/or is there a way EF could regain this functionality with Chrome and Firefox? Chrome seemed smoking fast for the few minutes I used it.)

With Firefox, they modernized some code and some of the AppleScript support got removed, but it sounds like they plan to bring it back.

Google Chrome has never had much AppleScript support, although they have an open feature request for it.

You might give Camino a shot - it’s actually been improving its AppleScript support recently.