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Suddenly Some Messages Going to Junk Folder Again

Using SpamSieve since 2013 with great success. 97.4% correct rate with low false positives over 45,000 messages (48% of which are spam)

Lately, one or two messages a day are showing up in my Apple Mail Junk folder. Prior to Yosemite 10.10.3 I can’t recall this happening–not for a long time anyway. I know iCloud’s Junk filter can’t be turned off, but it was not a problem for a long time, till now.

I dutifully “Train as Spam” each “Junk” message, but I still see 4-5 per week. They tend to be either Broadway Show offerings or sexually oriented ad mail.

Did I hose something in my Whitelist?


No, this has nothing to do with SpamSieve, which uses the Spam mailbox. The messages are being caught by Apple’s server junk filter.