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Suddenly Spamsieve has decided my demo has ended...

Which is very interesting as I have been running it for at least three years on this MBP…

The problem is that none of my email addresses seems to be listed on the sieral number generating app on the website (I have even tried all the old dead email accounts that I might have used way back when).

Question, is it now either a case of paying again (not happening in the current climate) or deleting an old friend and working without it in future??

(By the way, I have NO IDEA what triggered the demo nag off, I havent changed the system in anyway at all of late)

If you e-mail some information about your order (where you purchased from, your name, company name, perhaps your address) I can try to find it in the database.

The only reason SpamSieve would spontaneously drop into demo mode is if your preferences file were damaged or deleted so that SpamSieve no longer knew your serial number. Quitting SpamSieve and then restoring the file:


from a backup would take it back out of demo mode.

Of course, if you can find your original order confirmation e-mail, the serial number is listed there, as well.

Thanks for sending the information, Paul. I’ve updated your e-mail address in the database to your mac.com address and e-mailed you the order info.