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Suggested Bibdesk workflow?

Bibdesk has a cool feature where you can link a PDF to a particular citation, then choose “AutoFile” to have the program automatically rename it and file it where you want.

I particularly like this, because a lot of the files I download have nonsensical filenames, and this process will automatically rename the file to AuthornameYear.pdf (I know, I’m lazy). When I started this setup, I had Bibdesk autofile into ~/Documents/Papers (some arbitrary location).

Now I’m trying to figure out a way to get EagleFiler and Bibdesk to work together. I imported the ~/Documents/Papers using “Import File(s)…”, which created an EagleFiler folder named “Papers” and a record for each PDF. I then closed EF, deleted ~/Documents/myeflibrary/Files/Papers and moved ~/Documents/Papers to replace it. Bibdesk knew that the files moved, EF works great, and it looks like this worked to bring in my existing linked files.

But what about new files? I set Bibdesk to autofile to ~/Documents/myeflibrary/Files/Papers and did the following:
Dragged the new PDF to the Bibdesk citation to link it, selected “AutoFile Linked Item” in Bibdesk to rename it and move it. Then dragged the PDF from ~/Documents/myeflibrary/Files/Papers to ~/Documents/myeflibrary/To Import (myeflibrary). Opened EF, which imported the file, then used EF to move the record to the Papers folder.

This seems to work – both EF and Bibdesk link to the same file now. My two questions:

(1) is this workflow likely to mess anything up? I know this is nonstandard usage and perhaps this will get me into trouble.

(2) is there a better way to do this? After auto-filing but before importing, I tried opening the file in Skim and option-F1’ing it to direct it into the Papers folder, but EF understandably didn’t want to import something that was already in its filesystem at ~/Documents/myeflibrary/Files/Papers. That’s why I thought to drag it out of there to the To Import folder.

The bottom line is not to rename or move a file that’s already in EagleFiler’s library. So I suggest that you have Bibdesk rename the file before importing it into EagleFiler.