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I’ve been using Spamsieve for some time now on my Mac. For some time it seemed to work well, but as time goes by it seems to be missing many obvious spam messages. Perhaps there is a technical reason why this feature isn’t available, but if not I would highly recommend it be added:

Right click on a message, and give options for adding messages to the Blocklist based on:

  1. Subject title.

  2. From: based on name preceding the @domain-name.

Quite frankly, having to go to the trouble of manually adding things to the White List or Block List is annoying and unnecessary in my view. It’s a good option, but shouldn’t be the only way to manage them.

I agree. Quoting the manual:

There is normally no need for you to manually create or delete blocklist rules because SpamSieve learns to recognize your spam automatically. Thus, it’s OK if you receive spam from constantly changing addresses; you don’t have to worry about creating blocklist rules to match all of them. If a lot of spam is in your inbox, your first step should be to follow the instructions in Why is SpamSieve not catching my spam? rather than to create blocklist rules that may not be needed or even used (e.g. if the real problem is that your mail program isn’t set up properly).

It’s usually better to investigate the root cause than to create lots of blocklist rules.

Regarding my other suggestion (#2), filtering based on name preceding the @domain-name in the sender’s from address. Originally I thought this was relevant, but it appears the actual sending address is different than what is displayed in my messages. If I look at the sender, it has something different than what I get if I right click to view the sender’s address. I’m not really sure how this works, but the sender shows something like ‘Debt Resolution’ but the actual sending address is: ‘arcsine@sbe1.stream’ for example. See example in attachment.

I’d like to see the filter find catch any message that has ‘Debt Resolution’ in the displayed header From Address. Is that even possible?

Spam — On My Mac (19195 messages, 19141 unread).jpg

When you train a message as spam, SpamSieve automatically creates blocklist rules for both the From name (“Debt Resolution”) and the From address (“arcsine@sbe1.stream”).