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Suggestion: Add content searching to find and smartgroups

I have one suggestion right now that should be very great.
When I want to search for some content in a webpage it would be so great to just choose content in the find bar and add content like a option to smart groups.
Both Devonthink and Together support this find option and is pretty nice to use.

How does this sounds for you Michael?
Just an idea I get right now when I want to search for only the content in webpages. I know I can use Anywhere option, but instead to get all highlights everywhere in the title, from and so on. It would be great to only see this highlighting in the documents.

Are you saying that you don’t want to search the title, or you don’t want to see the highlights in the title?

Yeah that’s correct, I only want to see the highlighting within documents and not see the highlighting everywhere in the columns and instead to change the function with Anywhere.
My suggestion is to add content (just to see highlighting within documents) to the searching options in both find bar and into the smartgroups.

I don’t think it makes sense to add a new search option if you only want to change the display. Instead, you can turn off highlighting in the records list using this esoteric preference.

Thanks, I doesn’t know it exist any esoteric preferences for this function :slight_smile:

It’s funny—I build a lot of hidden preferences into EagleFiler, but I don’t list them all because I don’t want to overwhelm people, and because (if necessary) it’s easier to remove a preference if I know that no one is using it. You seem to be very good at guessing which preferences might exist. :slight_smile:

LOL, thanks, I see me like a poweruser and I often are curious to know the mostly functions that exists in softwares :wink:

So, if you want, I really appreciate if you want to publish a complete list with these esoteric preferences.
I think I could have more ideas in my head and maybe you have them listed in the complete esoteric preferences index.

As I have tried to explain, I don’t want to publish a complete list. If there is a specific option that you want, please request it.

ok, I understand. I will try to continue guessing the other esoteric preferences too :stuck_out_tongue: