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Suggestion: go to next/previous highlight word in a webarchive/pdf file

Maybe I can have miss this feature.
But then I search after some word from either the find bar or a smart group,
I want to go through only the highlighting words that appear in the document like webarchive (if it works with the actual webkit), pdf and other text files.

So I wonder if it exist a esoteric preference to go to the next highlight word and previous highlight word. So you can jump from the words instead to scoll a document that could be really large in size?

You can click in the bottom pane, and hit Command-G (also known as Apple-G) to find the next highlighted word. Hit Shift-Command-G to find the previous.

Thanks for the tip matt, but it doesn’t work for me with the key combination.
Your tip works when you go to menu edit -> Find -> Find.
Type a single word and search. Now I can jump to the next or previous highlight word.
But my goal is to search after some boolean value in EF find bar like for example the string mac AND server.

When I see this highlighted words within a document after I clicked in some document in the search results, I now want to jump so I can go to words with mac and jump also to the second word server in the same document without go to Find menu and type in server instead.

But this doesn’t work yet and I know this depends on Apples webkit that must support this. But if I go to the page http://nightly.webkit.org/ I can see that the builds for the search framework for safari is updated very often. So maybe this highlight behaviour is possible to use with implementing a newer version of the webkit to EF.

Or must it be Apple who implement this in a new system version to get this highlighting behaviour to work for organisation softwares?
In devonthink can you go to next and previous words in pdf (when you type a boolean value) and text documents. But not with Web Archives.

So is it a newer webkit from either Apple or Webkit.org (open source) that is the requirement to support Web Archive documents?

This also works without opening the Find window because the Search field contents automatically go into the Find window.

Then it seems you’re asking for a totally different feature.

Where do you see “builds for the search framework for safari”? From what I’ve seen, the nightly builds of WebKit/Safari do not have the feature that you want.

It might be possible without Apple’s help, or it might not. I have not looked into it enough to know yet. You’re the first person to request this feature.

Sorry, my misstake. I saw wrong. On http://webkit.org/ I can read this “WebKit is also the name of the Mac OS X system framework version of the engine that’s used by Safari” and as you see I type search engine and that’s wrong.

I have read more about this now. And I can’t find any info about this feature :frowning:
So I’m afraid that Apple must release this feature to a new safari version.

One another question that is about highlighting.
How do I search only a phrase in EF. I have try to use delimiter as it says in the manual about finding a phrase. But this doesn’t work. If I search for this phrase “Log me on automatically each visit”
When I click on a search results I get all the words in the phrase highlighted.
I have try to unchecked the Match Partial Words option too without any success.
Could this be a bug or something?
Have you more esoteric preferences for highlight features?

Thanks in advanced!

Searching for phrases “in quotes like this” works. It will only find records with that phrase. However, all of the individual words will be highlighted. That’s how it’s designed to work right now.

I don’t think so.

ok, I see. To be honest I think the highlights of all words when I want to search for a phrase is very annoying. I am not interested to see all the, when, is words and so on. So my big wish is if you Michael can create a new esoteric preference for just this. To choose if you want to only see the full phrase to be highlighted or like the behaviour EF have right now.

I don’t think this needs to be a preference. I expect that most people will prefer to see only the phrases highlighted. It’s just that that’s much more complicated—especially given EagleFiler’s boolean query syntax—and I have not had a chance to implement it yet.

EagleFiler 1.4.4 will highlight just the phrases.