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Suggestion: group Growl notifications

I just imported 26 chat files by selecting them in the Finder and hitting F1.

I must have had Growl notifications popping up for a couple of minutes. Although EagleFiler imported all 26 files virtually instantaneously, Growl was a bit slower with its display (using a theme that displays them one at a time).

It would be lovely if, when a bunch of files are imported with a single F1 hit (or via any other method), EagleFiler sent Growl an aggregate message at the end (for instance, 26 files imported or 26 chat files imported, or something). I think it would make much more sense to notify for every import action instead of every imported file. Even for Growl themes that show multiple messages at once, it’s still total screen spam to have that many messages at once.

Good suggestion
Good suggestion, I would second it.

Thanks for the suggestion. It’s somewhat tricky to do this, actually, but it’s on my list.

In EagleFiler 1.3 there is one Growl notification per import operation, rather than one per file.