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Suggestion: Honour custom file extensions when creating

I know, you just added the plain-text feature, to which I am supremely happy! I have one little issue with it though: Most of my files are [Multi]Markdown formatted, and so I like to use the .md file extension. While I can change this after creating the file using the Inspector, it would be much nicer if I could just type in ‘filename.md’ and have that be what EagleFiler creates, rather than ‘filename.md.txt’.

I’m not sure what you mean. When I choose “New Plain Text File,” I can type whatever extension I want in the File field.

Another option would be to create a Markdown stationery file so that it starts out with the desired extension.

Sure, you can type it in, but it won’t get used for the actual extension.

  1. Cmd-Ctrl-N
  2. Type in ‘test.md’
  3. Submit
  4. Cmd-Opt-I on test.md

Filesystem name should be test.md.txt
Internal title will be test.md

Expected results would be:

Filesystem name: test.md
Internal title: test

When you press Command-Control-N (or, generally, try to rename a file), EagleFiler pre-selects the basename, not the whole filename. This is because usually one doesn’t want to change the extension. The Finder also does this (as of Leopard). However, you can select the whole filename (using Command-A or the mouse) if you want to change the extension.

I think we are talking about two different things here. When I create a new file, there is no existing basename (or extension), I simply get an empty field to type in. When typing in the basename+extension in this field, you get the result shown in the prior posting, test.md.txt. This is the actual filename on the disk, and the internal EF title contains the .md which is not consistent with creating a new file without providing an extension. The extension gets tacked on after you submit the dialogue box, and is not added to the Title.

Additionally, while I know that Leopard Finder exhibits the behaviour you are describing, when I access the filename field in the Inspector, the entire thing gets selected—not just the basename. I verified that I am using the latest version of EagleFiler.

All of that aside, your stationary idea is a good one. As might be obvious from this post and the other, I haven’t played with that feature much, yet, as I have TextMate already set up to handle different text templates once I’m in the file.

I was referring to the File column in the records list. You seem to be referring to the sheet that appears when the File column is hidden. I will add a feature request to make the sheet honor the extension typed for plain text files.

Ah ha, yes. I have never had that column visible, so I’ve been using the sheet since day one. Thanks.

I’ve added this in EagleFiler 1.4.4.