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Suggestion: Import keywords to notes

Here comes a suggestion again!
I have a lot of files with keywords within. I know I can use the esoteric preference ImportSpotlightKeywords to get them into tags.
But how sounds the idea to get them to notes instead?
It would be more smooth to not have irrelevant tags from keywords instead you can see all keywords in notes instead?

Could it be possible also to export all information from notes to the files info there you have the spotlight comments?

Maybe Michael you have a esoteric preference for this settings too :wink:

For what purpose? The keywords are already searchable. How does it benefit you to have them in the notes?

Again, why do you want to do that? The notes are already stored in the Finder and accessible via Spotlight.

How do I search after this keywords in Eaglefiler?
I don’t see any search option either in Find bar or within Smart group.
Why I want the keywords to be stored in the notes, is to find all this keywords from files on one place.

I don’t know if this is correct, but then I index documents to EF I get the spotlight comments from the documents to notes.

But I can’t see all the keywords somewhere in EF, I know I can search them in spotlight, but it would be great to see these keywords too in EF to see all the metadata that a document can have.

Yes, that’s correct. But if I type some words or a phrase in Notes, can I export this to the document and have it stored in this file too when I see all this info from finder?
Here was my idea to append the notes to the actual documents keywords (that you can see in the finder info) section.

Using an Anywhere search.

Do you actually want them in the notes? Or do you just want the keywords to be visible somewhere in EagleFiler?

Yes, that is an option.

No. There generally isn’t a way to attach data to an arbitrary file.

The keywords section in the Finder is read-only. It contains the keywords that a Spotlight importer found as intrinsically part of your file.

The best thing here is to have a own section for only the keywords in the inspector info window that EF can index the documents into.
It would be awesome to include a search option for Keywords in the find bar and of course to the Smart Group.

So my purpose with this suggestion is only to get the keywords visible and I think the best place to have them stored is to the keyword section.
I think it’s time to change the topic of this thread :wink:


Could you give an example of a situation in which you would want to search by Keywords instead of Anywhere?

I can try. If you only want to search after something that could associate with your word like “game consoles” If you have index many sites that could be about computer games and you isn’t interested to see all the words highlighted for game consoles (happen if you search after game consoles with anywhere search option) without you are more interested to see all the pages that is about game consoles. And here comes the keywords in.

Maybe this was a bad examle for keyword searching, but I hope Michael you get the idea behind the difference of Anywhere searching and keyword searching :wink:

One more idea I get right now is to have keywords under TAGS. Like when you are clicking on notes and get all the documents that contains notes. It would be great to have keywords so you can click on it and get all documents that have some keywords inside.

This reminds me of your previous feature request. If the issue is that you don’t want to see the highlighting, then would it not be better to turn highlighting off than to provide a different type of search?

Sorry to keep repeating myself, but: why? Why would this be great? What would it enable you to do?

ok, maybe I was to quick with my idea. The only thing that I appreciate if you want to implement is a keyword section in inspector.