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Suggestion - Making the Dock icon invisible


I know the way
to make SpamSieve’s Dock icon invisible

but as you know

“If you download a new copy of SpamSieve, it will have a new Info.plist file, so you would need to make the above change again if you still want SpamSieve’s Dock icon to be hidden.”

Why don’t you include this option in the Preferences so we don’t need to go play around in the plist file to make changes

If you could, it would make it easier for us

Thanks for considering this suggestion

That’s part of the plan.

until this is implemented, there’s always dockless

Any updates on this? It’s be really nice to have this in SpamSieve. I have to go to Dockless and hide the icon after every new version.

It’s planned for the next major version of SpamSieve.

The How can I hide SpamSieve’s Dock icon? page describes the built-in way to hide the Dock icon.