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Suggestion: Multiple libraries

How about putting in a small list in lower/left corner (or upper/left) that shows list of libraries. Selecting one would set the current window’s library to that selected one. I have 3 libraries, and not really crazy about having 3 open libs or having to go to File->Open Recent. I’m happy to have just one library open at a time with easy method of switching between.


I’ll consider that. By the way, there are other options for accessing recent libraries: the Dock menu, the Drop Pad’s pop-up menu, AppleScript, etc. Personally, I use LaunchBar: press Spacebar on EagleFiler, and it shows a list of recently opened libraries.

I’m not sure that I’d like to see this implemented. DevonThinkPro 2 has a list of recent and currently opened libraries to click, and it has caused users a lot of grief. See: http://www.devon-technologies.com/scripts/userforum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=9422). These issues were one major reason that I switched to EagleFiler.

Bob would like the new library to open in the place of the original. I think this would confuse many people, who would expect the new library to open in a new window. And what if there is more than one window open originally? Another concern, for me at least, is that a library listing will take up precious screen space in each window, already crowded by folders, smart folders, and tags.

In addition to Michael’s suggestions:

  1. I’ll post scripts that make it easy to minimize and maximize selected libraries and windows.
  2. An app like iKey or QuickKeys can create a keyboard shortcut to access the “Open Recent” submenu.
  3. Aliases to Bob’s three libraries placed on the left-side of the desktop would offer quick access. If he has DragThing, he can create a new dock to contain these and can make it transparent and as small as he likes.

Just wanted to chime in on Launchbar. I gave it a try, and ended up buying it. It works really well with Eaglefiler and anything other than that. It is also great for starting applescripts easily.