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Suggestion: record list behaviour

A few thoughts about how I would like to see EF work. Please note whenever I think along the lines of changing something, Michael offers an insight into why it works that way which offers much more, or its already there but I haven’t found it. So this is probably rubbish.

I see a lack of consistency between selecting the library in the source pane and selecting a folder i the folder tree.
Selecting the library displays all contents in a flat format in the record list, whereas selecting a folder in the source list displays only the top level entries in the selected folder in the record list. I do not like this because it confuses me - easily done to an old pensioner like me.
I would like to see a toolbar icon used to select flat or threaded display of the files in the record list. The availability of flat format (by this I mean displaying everything within the folder, regardless of the folder structure - just like library does) will make it much easier to find files especially in conjunction with the use of tags. Applying threaded display when selecting the library would allow you to easily find individual files which reside at the top of the library file structure, which at present get ‘buried’ in the mass of other files.


The basic reasoning for the way it is now is that the library source should show everything (like in iTunes, etc.) for easy sorting and searching, but that in order for folders to be useful you need to be able to see what’s directly in them. The Unfiled source lets you see just the top-level records in the library.

I agree that it would be nice if you could see the records list as an outline (threaded, as you say). However, there are a variety of issues that would make this tricky to implement, especially in a way that isn’t slow.