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Suggestion regarding the "esoteric" preferences

Is it a huge pain to move the so-called “esoteric” preferences into the actual app preferences?

There are many reasons why this would be desirable:

(1) They would be more convenient to find there.

(2) A lot of them don’t seem so “esoteric”. Many seem genuinely useful and no more “esoteric” than the preferences that are current in the regular preferences panel.

(3) It would probably increase sales for you. When people are evaluating software, once thing they look at are the settings and preferences available. EF gives the false impression that there are very few preference settings available, which might convey the idea that it is not well into mature development. But there really are many many settings available - however you have to read the manual to find that “esoteric settings” section to learn about and use them, which few trial users are going to bother to do.

Just a suggestion.


I think some of them really are esoteric. However, a good portion will migrate into the preferences window when I redesign it.