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Suggestion: View > Show > Cover Flow

Hi, I’d like the chance to browse inside a directory using a Cover Flow view.
Now that I think about it, it would be cool to have a view like that of Classics or Delicious Monster, with a thumbnail of each book. But Im good with Cover Flow.

PS: I’ve been an awful good boy this year. :slight_smile:

Cover Flow is a possibility for a future version. In the meantime, since EagleFiler folders are accessible in the Finder, you could use Reveal in Finder and use the Finder’s Clover Flow view.


Here are a couple more ideas.

I would rather have the tag, info windows in the same column, Finder Cmd+i style. Between that and the activity window and tag cloud, I feel I have too many stuff floating around.

I’ve been using DVDPedia. This program lets you type a title and it brings a lot of details for the DVD using the Amazon APIs. Maybe the same could be done for books using Safari APIs so the user has more metadata to play with while creating smart collections.


What Safari APIs? Are you saying that you want EagleFiler to recognize when you’re importing a Web page from Amazon? Which details? Where would they go?

The Safari API is a service to query Safari.OReilly.com. A problem is that it is free but you need to register in order to use the service. I believe Amazon has similar services to provide metadata on items they sell. The kind of info you get is described here:

Book Title, ISBN, Edition, Author Group, Number of Pages, Publication Date, Subject Set, Publisher, Description, Retail Price, Safari Slots, Small Cover Image, Medium Cover Image, Large Cover Image, Purchase URL, Sections, Table of Contents.

Let’s say I have 500 PDFs inside a directory. I could tell EagleFiler to look up the titles at safari and autotag using the subjects in the subject set returned. Then I could build a structure of smart folders like the one safari.oreilly.com uses, and my PDFs will automatically appear without me having to manually drag or tag.

Another use would be to create data structures you can associate to a file, then provide a custom viewer for that structure. eg: dvd, book. You could then autoarrange a movie collection of avi files. Or go the other way around and let the user use the API to insert books without an associated file, so they can build a catalogue of real life items they have at home.

Im just thinking aloud here. More than a feature request I just wanted to mention it, sometimes it’s useful to have ideas floating around on your head.

And the following is is unrelated to this thread. I read the following on a web of one of your competitors in case you are vaguely interested:

Writing to Spotlight Comments programmatically is not trivial - there are hoops to jump through that make it more trouble than people would suspect. Supporting it has caused a great deal of grief and, IMO, has lead to instabilities that frankly make us look bad.

Our new OpenMeta system is far more reliable and the possibilities opened up by this are very exciting.

We are not claiming to have created a standard - we are offering the framework for one. This is why it will be Open Source. We are also talking to other developers so we can get a consensus and move forward.

Aha. I had heard of that, but by now “Safari” so strongly means Apple’s browser to me that it didn’t occur to me that that’s what you were referring to.

In order for that to work, there would need to be a way to match the PDF files to records in Safari’s database, unless the PDF itself was being downloaded from Safari at the same time. Anyway, thanks for the musings. There are certainly a lot of interesting things that could be done here.

Yes, I don’t think any of us developers like Spotlight comments much. I discussed this with Ironic a while back, and they had an idea that solved some of the problems but wasn’t a viable replacement. OpenMeta sounds better, but so far they haven’t released any details about how it works.