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Suggestions about fetching websites within Eaglefiler

Hi Michael!
I have recently buy Eaglefiler and I really like it.
But it’s some things I really miss when it comes to the fetching part of websites in eaglefiler: Here comes 4 suggestions that could be great (if you like them of course and is possible to implement :wink: to include within Eaglefiler:

  1. Could it be possible to extend the downloading operations with more than 2 downloaders at once? It would be great if I can choose if I want 3 downloaders or more.

  2. Please, is it possible to implement a function to support more browsers like firefox. I know Eaglefiler use safaris username and session times.
    When I have authorized me to many forums and download links in this forums in safari, eaglefiler use the safaris username and get the actual session and all works perfect.

But after some time, about 1-2 hours, the login session is reset (why does it get reset?) and I get Access denied links (in the titles in mainwindow in Eaglefiler) and must login one more time to all forums that require authentication to get this to work again.

When I use firefox to access sites, It is very rare that I must login to sites that require authentication more times after I have logged in for the first time.
So please, please Michael is it possible to implement Eaglefiler to support firefox usernames/cookies/sessions?

  1. Is it possible to update downloaded webarchives to get the latest content from the website?

  2. It would be awesome to have an option to choose how long time the download may take from one website link and choose how long time you want to wait before the actual download link will be terminated and begin to the next link instead to download.

thanks for a really great product!

You can control this using an esoteric preference. For example, to set it to 3 instead of 2, click this link.

Sorry, it is not.

There isn’t a built-in feature to do this, but it could be automated via AppleScript (i.e. import the record’s source URL into the same folder and delete the original).

What are you trying to accomplish here? Why do you need to make it timeout earlier or later?

Thanks for the fast reply Michael :slight_smile:

Super, have you some index page on your site for all esoteric preferences that you can use in Eaglefiler?

Becuase when I download links from a website that require authentication, if safari has reset the session, so you must login to the forum again.
When it could take very long time for the downloading to skip this page and go to next link. This is why I want to set up a time limit, so it can go faster to download the other website links and to have a better chance to download other forums that require authentication before this sites will reset the safari session time too.

Can I use an esoteric preference for this question Michael?

I have not published a complete list, but the most common ones are listed here.

There are two esoteric preferences for this, the timeout (defaults to 60 seconds) and the number of retries (defaults to 3).

Ok, it would be awesome, if you some day want to publish a complete list. You more you can customize, you more powerful and better can it be :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for this Michael, this was exactly what I searching after!

Here’s a script for doing this.

Thanks, but it doesn’t work completely like I hoped.
I try to reload a forum that I see I wasn’t login too, so I go to that forum in Safari and logged me in, then I go back to eaglefiler, mark the webarchive and reload the page.
It works to see the content now to the authenticated forum, but eaglefiler doesn’t update the title on the webarchive.
So I really appreciate Michael if you want to enchance the script so eaglefiler can update the actual title to the webarchive, so it doesn’t have the old title left after the webarchive is updated.

But I use a workaround right now to use this script but it would be nice to have this feature in the reloading script too :slight_smile:

I purposely made the script preserve the old title, because you might have changed it yourself. I didn’t want to throw away data that you had added. If you want it to update the title, just delete the line:

set title of _dest to _source's title

Thank you for the fix Michael!
It works great :slight_smile: