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Suggestions for .eml and .webarchive when moving from DEVONthink

Greetings. I am not keen to upgrade to the next version of DEVONthink, and so I’m looking to move my huge libraries into EagleFiler.

I spend a LOT of time on my iOS devices, and while Readdle Documents is good for most file types, it can’t handle .eml or .webarchive files, and I have a lot of those in my DEVONthink libraries.

Suggestions on how to make the transition so that I can read everything I need to while on my iOS device?


Readdle Documents seems to handle .webarchive files for me. GoodReader can handle both .eml files (treats as plain text) and .webarchive.


I’m in a similar position and wondered how your transition went from Devonthink to Eaglefiler?