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SV creating Junk folder automatically

I have SV configured for Apple Mail (10.7.3) according to the setup instructions, but as soon as I ask SV to train new mail as SPAM (using SV - Train as Spam option) it moves my message to a newly created “Junk” folder, even if I keep deleting the Junk folder. It simply appears like magic underneath my Spam folder. Furthermore, SV moves messages I manually mark as Spam into this folder and not into the appropriate Spam folder. If I let SV do it’s thing automatically (not selecting SV - Tran as Spam) it seems to move it to the Spam folder as expected. I have my SV setup in Apple Mail exactly as described in the manual and do not have Apple’s “Junk Mail” feature tured on. It doesn’t matter if I delete this Junk folder or not, it appears each time I try to train SV.

Thanks, -cory

You can control where the manually trained spam messages go using the SpamSieve - Change Settings command.

Ah, that did it! Thanks for the speedy reply!