Switching quickly between Anywhere and Filename?

Is there a keyboard shortcut to quickly switch between Anywhere and Filename or back again in the Search box?

There is not, although that sounds like a good idea to add in a future version. Currently, you could probably add a shortcut using AppleScript GUI scripting or a utility such as Keyboard Maestro.

I can try to use KM’s ability to click on specific areas of the screen but that seems so fragile. :slightly_smiling_face:

I used Keyboard Maestro to assign F11 to “Select Anywhere in the EagleFiler Search Box” and F12 to “Select Filename in the EagleFiler Search Box”.

These macros “Activate EagleFiler” and then I turned on Keyboard Maestro’s “Record” function and moused around to select either Anywhere or Filename. It is not pretty or elegant but it seems to work! :sunglasses:

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Glad you got it to work. I thought there might be a way to address the button by accessibility number, but I’m not sure whether Keyboard Maestro can do that, or it would need AppleScript.

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I’ll have to dust off my AppleScript book and give that a try for a more elegant solution!