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Sync/Organize Docs for Writing on iPad

I’m a writer. I use EF on my Mac to organize and coordinate metadata for documents which I compose/edit in BBEdit. It’s transparent, as the docs still open in BBEdit when double-clicked.

I want to work on these docs on iPad , as well. Is there an app to transparently sync, and tag/organize my docs, the way EF does on my Mac? And then either provide a nice writing environment (I don’t need heavy-duty BBEdit power on iPad), or else pass the data off (EF-style) to a writing app?

Note that I’m NOT asking the common question of how to access my EF library from mobile. I’m ok if this process draws directly from Finder and has nothing to do with EF at all. I’m just mentioning EF by way of analogy.

Can I do this?

Buy IA Writer on iPad.

Set the app up for iCloud sync

On my Mac, put my EF library in the “IA Writer” folder in iCloud Drive

(I should mention: I need to keep desktop/doc syncing turned off in iCloud Drive

The iOS Files app does let you tag files and edit them in other apps. I’m afraid I don’t understand exactly what you’re asking. If you’re talking about files that are in EagleFiler, it sounds like you’ve already read the page about that. If you’re asking about files that are not in EagleFiler, it’s not clear to me why those same apps wouldn’t also work, nor why you’re asking here.

Yes, iA Writer can edit text files stored in iCloud Drive.

If you’re asking about files that are not in EagleFiler, it’s not clear to me why those same apps wouldn’t also work,

It wasn’t clear to me that they would. But you’ve answered, thanks.

nor why you’re asking here.

I figured an EF user community would include people with my use case. If this forum functions more as a narrow tech-support forum, my apologies.

Ok, I think I understand. I store or symlink my EF library (or a portion of it) to iA Writer’s iCloud Drive folder, and EF parses any edits/changes/new docs upon its next launch? Same for any file movements between folders?

None of this is super clear, btw, in the rather lean support doc (8.2).

file movements between folders

I mean done via iA Writer

Right, except that I don’t think iCloud Drive follows symlinks (Dropbox does).

No, this is the same as with a library that doesn’t sync. You should only move/rename files from within EagleFiler.

That’s fatal. I’m working on a major writing project for next two weeks out of town with iPad-only.

Can you suggest another route?

I guess kludgey solution is to mess around as much as I want on iPad, then, when I return, move all new create/modification files out of EF library before launching EF, then reimport them?

You can leave them in place, and EagleFiler will detect the moved files as new. It will then report the old locations as missing files, and you can click the Trash button to move those dangling file references to the trash. However, any file that’s moved outside of EagleFiler will lose any EagleFiler-specified metadata that you’ve added (title, from, notes).

Geez, that’s not much peril at all, really.

Is there a way to save the metadata?

I been doing this for years with Dropbox and iOS Permanote (used to be called Nebulous Notes).

I moved my Dropbox folder so it sits inside the EF hierarchy.

~/Documents/EagleFiler Libraries/Main Library/Files/Dropbox

Any files I want to be able to view/edit in Permanote in iOS, I drag into the the “Dropbox” folder that shows in the EF Library pane on the left. Most of my files are in this hierarchy.

Permanote is awesome, but it only works on txt files.

For RTF editing with this same EF/Dropbox setup, I occasionally use RichTexture.

The metadata will still be visible in EagleFiler on the record at the file’s old location. So you could manually transfer it (e.g. via Copy/Paste) to the new record. Or you could use the Finder to move the file back to the old location to “reattach it” to the metadata.

Wow. Dropbox folder INSIDE your EF library. This blows my mind a little. Any reason you did it this way rather than via symlinks?

I’ll look into Permanote. Is there anything particular you like about it? Also, any idea what’s up with their $100 stand-alone app](https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/permanote-standalone/id990830225?mt=8)? Is this how one evades the subscription charge?