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Can you make EF to where I can store all of my files on computer #1, and allow computer #2 be able to use that database through network?
Any files my second computer import will actually be put into first computer’s database; to allow all the files to stay sync.
Thank you for considering it.

I believe it already works that way. If you put EagleFiler’s library on a shared drive, both Macs can access it (one at a time).

By the way, if you don’t have your own shared drive you can put EagleFiler’s library on your iDisk and use iDisk syncing. This will also provide pretty good performance, since EagleFiler is working with files that are stored locally on your Mac. First, enable iDisk Syncing in the .Mac preferences and set it to Synchronize Manually. Then create your library on the iDisk. When you’re done working with the library, close it in EagleFiler and click the sync button next to “iDisk” in the Finder’s source list. When you want to access the library on another Mac, click the sync button for the iDisk to pull the latest library from the server. In this way you can use the same EagleFiler library on multiple Macs. Just be aware that (1) you should not sync when the library is open in EagleFiler, and (2) you should only modify the library on one Mac at a time.

We will need to drag a fresh copy of the EF database to the idisk each time we are finished on one computer in order to have a current version for sharing, yes?

There’s no need to drag anything since you are opening the library from the (local copy of) the iDisk. Just press the sync button.

Ah, I misunderstood.

Thanks for the tip!