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Tag to Spotlight copying seems aggressive

Should EagleFiler keep an internal accounting of when a record has had its tags modified, and slate these for filesystem backup, rather than simply exporting the entire archive whenever this task is enacted? I have noticed this happening when an archive is opened. One of the tasks in the activity browser is a mass export of tags to spotlight comments. I presume EF also does this on a per-file basis as things are changed, at least that is what I had thought. If it does so, why is the bulk export necessary? As my archive approaches the 6,000 entry mark, this task line takes an increasing amount of CPU time when I know for a fact that 99.9999% of those records haven’t changed in over a year—since they were imported.

As I see it, the advantage of keeping an internal accounting of changed tags would be that changes to the Spotlight comments would be in sync sooner. However, Spotlight comments are a bit fragile, and it’s also possible for the user or other applications to modify them without EagleFiler’s knowledge. So the bulk export would still be necessary to make sure the comments are in a known state so that the incremental updating could work. Of course, it can be debated how often this should be done. Currently, EagleFiler checks rather often, in the interest of making sure that the data are correct.