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Tagged emails in mboxes not picked up by Leap

I’m currently using Leap to search my tagged emails in EF. This is no problem unless the email I’m looking for is stored within a mailbox in EF. Then, for some reason, Leap can’t detect its tags. Am I missing something here? Or, alternatively, is there a way to force EF to import emails without containing them in mailboxes at all? Any help much appreciated.

There’s currently no way to force EagleFiler to convert e-mails to individual .eml files on import, although you can do this post-import by dragging the messages out of their mailbox and into a folder. The messages will then be individually indexable and searchable by Spotlight and OpenMeta applications, at the expense of higher RAM and disk consumption and reduced speed.

With EagleFiler 1.6, if you capture messages one-at-a-time they’ll go into individual .eml files instead of mailboxes.