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Tagging emails and search via tag cloud

Is the tag cloud used only for viewing, adding, and deleting tags from the currently selected record? Is the tag cloud in its entirety viewable and usable as a search mechanism? Or is the expectation the side bar is the clickable list of tags? Another way of asking would be, is there a more compact way to view all the tags available to search by? In Keep It, the tag cloud is used to perform boolean searches by clicking on tags, drilling down into the file repository.

Currently, the Tag Cloud is for assigning and unassigning tags, not for searching. To search by tag, you can either use the search field (with multiple tag: conditions if you want to require multiple tags), a smart folder, or the source list (in which case you can Command-click multiple tags to do a Boolean and).

Or, if you are already viewing a record with a tag, you can use the menu for one of the tags in the tag bar at the bottom of the window to select that tag. You can also do this from the contextual menu in the Tags window.

Another question related to tag searching. (I’m sure you love these comparisons with other apps, so sorry.) In Keep It, the tag list narrows as you click on more and more tags, depending on how the tag search criteria are set. So if I have hundreds of tags, when I click on one and have the parameters set to require all tags, Keep It hides all the tags that are not also associated with at least one file as the one clicked. This is incredibly useful as I have some top level tags set that I start with, then I can quickly drill down to a set of files that I am interested in. The multi selection option in EF doesn’t accomplish the same thing because all the tags remain visible whether they are associated with files tagged with the selected files or not. Is there a way to accomplish the same thing in EF as described in Keep It?

That’s not currently possible, but I’m planning to add some ways to do that sort of thing.

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