Tagging recursively

Dear Michael,

I just started trialling EagleFiler and it seems perfect for what I need, thanks!. I do, however, have one question about tags. Is there a way to tag a folder and have the tag propagate to all contents of the folder? I’ve searched both the help manual and the forum for a way to do this but couldn’t come up with a solution other than something custom using AppleScript.

The folders reside on Google Drive and I’ve imported them using the recommended way using symlinks as explained in the manual. They are already in my library so the most efficient way would be to tag folders and have EagleFiler automatically and recursively tag contents.

Thanks for your help.

There’s no built-in way to do that:

  • You could do it with AppleScript.

  • You could do a Tags search, i.e. select the folder in the source list, select Tags for the search scope, select Search Contained Folders in the search menu, and enter -TagName in the search field. This will find everything in the folder that doesn’t have that tag. Then you could bulk-tag the matches.

  • You could create a smart folder that shows the recursive contents of the folder. Then you could bulk-tag the contents of the smart folder. If you do this a lot you could just reuse the same smart folder and change which folder it’s showing.

Thanks for the quick response. I tried the second method and it worked great. I will give the third approach a try as well.