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Tags and sub-tags

I’ve noticed the hierarchical way to display tags, but I notices something and I want to make sure that is how it is working.

When I assign a sub-tag to a record, the parent tag is not included. Is that correct, and how it should be?

If the above question is correct, then I would like to suggest a feature where all parent tags are included with the child tag. This will allow me to use the child tag by itself. Right now all tags seem to need to be unique, and therefore no consideration is given to reusing the same word outside of the nested structure. This maybe a limitation of the tagging as implemented.

Would a work around be to use a naming structure like status_completed? I prefer to use status:completed, but the colon is used as a separator and might be reserved.

Thank you

The current design/implementation is that the tag hierarchy is available for your own organizational purposes but that EagleFiler does not use it to do anything special for tag assignment, viewing, or search. Future versions of EagleFiler will do more.

There seem to be two separate issues here: auto-assigning parent tags and uniqueness. The ability to reuse tag names in multiple places would be at odds with being able to apply a tag simply by typing its unique name at the bottom of the window.

Yes, that should work. I’ve seen a similar naming pattern on MathOverflow. The colon is reserved since, for example, it’s part of the syntax for searching.

I thought there was a design consideration concerning tags that prevented hierarchical tagging. Nested folders or a tag naming structure will do as well.
Thanks Michael