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Tags and Tag issues are exhausting...

I suppose this is because there are multiple standards and implementations, combined with the various “everything box” products that use different storage schemes, and the multiple tagging utilities.

I’m sure it is beyond the scope of this forum to explain everything. Maybe I’ll try to put a comparison matrix and workflow chart together.

But as a newer EF user, here’s a question that I couldn’t find a ready answer to: Using Eagle’s tagging system, I see that I can tag a file within EF and then have the tag show up in Leap and Tagit searches. Once a file is in EF, though, is it the case that no additional external tagging is possible (whether this is through editing in an external editor, or dragging the EF file - via the “show in finder” command to one of these tagging utility’s interfaces?



Yes, after importing you need to tag from within EagleFiler (or using an AppleScript that tells EagleFiler to do the tagging) if you want it to see the tags.