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Tags autocompletion and accentuation

First, a brief introduction:

I’m new around here, still on EF’s trial period. So far, liking it a lot; I’ve been testing all the major players in the informatioin management/gathering field, and EF is quickly becoming my favourite. Its simplicity and power are remarkable. Congratulations, Mr Tsai, for this great piece of software!

And now for a little trouble I’ve been having, concerning the tags autocompletion feature. I’m Brazillian and, as such, my primary language is Portuguese. That means I use a lot of accentuation, such as “é” and “á”. In fact, lots of words begin with an accented character. And here’s where the trouble begins:

I’ve created a tag for “água” (“water”). Now, everytime I start typing a tag beggining with an “a” (no accent), EF will suggest “água”. But suppose I want to write “azul” instead. The thing is: I cannot simply continue to type the word. If I do, the first character (originally an “a”, changed to “á” by autocomplete) will be deleted - leaving me with “zul” instead of “azul”. To get “azul” I must press “esc” after the “a”, dismissing the autocomplete pop-up.

I know it’s a relatively small problem; I know I could select the correct tag using the arrow keys (given that I’ve already used the tag “azul” before). But it disrupts the natural flow of the writing and, as I often forget this little caveat, I end up having to retype a lot of my tags.

So, my question is: can this behaviour be corrected in a future release?

(I also have a few feature requests, but I’ll leave that for when I’ve actually paid for the app…)

Thanks in advance! And congratulations again for EagleFiler!

I’m not sure this is something EagleFiler can control—most of the auto-completion logic is handled by the OS—but I’ll look into it. Thanks for the report.