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Tags in EagleFiler 1.5

Great news with the 1.5 release. It shows a significant amount of effort. I am confused, however, with the behavior of tags.

  1. When I tag an item, the tag is displayed at the bottom of the application but not in the Tags column of the record view. What is the purpose of the Tags column?
  2. When adding a tag using the inspector, it appears that I can enter a new tag in the tags area but that tag neither appears on the left nor in the Tags pop-up. If this is not the way to add tags, then the inspector probably shouldn’t give me the impression that this is a valid way to add tags.

Just as an aside, Dropbox is mentioned in the documentation. Two things about what is stated in section 7.3 of the EagleFiler manual:

  1. From my (and others) experience, Dropbox is vastly
    faster than iDisk.
  2. The manual states that version 0.8 or later should be used but the latest version for the Mac is 0.7.110.



Tags have a name (e.g. unread) and an abbreviation symbol (e.g. •). The Tag Names column shows the former, and the Tags column shows the latter.

Yes, you can add tags by typing them directly into the inspector. You may need to switch to another record or window in order for the changes to be saved.

The manual links to the 0.8 beta that’s available from the Dropbox forum.