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Tags in source view

I like how EF lists all the tags in the source view under a folder called “Tags”. Clicking on a tag in the source view gives me what I expect. However, clicking on two tags does not. In effect, a multiple tag selection functions as OR and I get records that match either tag. I want multiple tag selections to function as AND and only find record that math both tags. When I’m searching, I’m trying to narrow my search not have it expanded.

An additional thought. It might be nice if after you click on one tag in the source view, the list of tags shown would decrease to only show tags that are also used in combination with the selected tag. For example, I have 3 records. The first is tagged A and B. the second is tagged B, and the third is tagged C. In the source view, the tag folder initially shows A, B, and C as tags. If I click on the B tag, only tags A and B are shown as no records with tag B also use tag C. In other words, tags B and C have a null intersection.

I think it is standard to use “OR” when multiple sources are selected and that the source list should not switch into a special “search mode” depending on where you’ve clicked. However, I understand the desire to easily find records with the intersection of multiple tags. For now, this is possible using the search box, and I’m working on some ways to do this that are context-sensitive and don’t require typing.

Maybe I’m missing a use of EF. I would assume that people use tags or do searches in order to find a specific file. Thus, muliple selections of tags in the source should be a AND operation. Keyword manager for iPhoto works like this. Any how, I look forward to whatever solution you come up with to make working with tags easier. Perhaps a preference to switch between AND vs OR for selecting multiple tags?

It’s common, especially when searching folders, but also for tags, to want to do an OR because you don’t know exactly where the record is. I think it would be very confusing to have some sources (folders) behave like OR (since AND doesn’t make sense for folders—each record can only be in one place) and some like AND, which is why I think the AND stuff needs a different interface (which is what I’m working on).

I would definitely agree that OR is the intuitive and desirable behavior for multiple tag selections.