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Tags lost in EF when I restored to new Mac from time machine

I copied documents from a time machine back up from one MacBook to a new one. All my tags in Eagle filer were lost. How can I avoid that happening? Both MacBooks are using 11.2.1. Thank you.

I would not expect anything to be lost. Could you explain a little more about what you did?

  • Did you copy the documents directly (drag and dropping in Finder)? Or use Time Machine’s restore feature?
  • If you browse the files in Time Machine, do you see the tags in Finder?
  • Did you plug the Time Machine drive directly into the new Mac? Or restore to the old one and then copy the files to the other Mac (how?).
  • Did you copy the entire EagleFiler library folder or select files within the library?
  • Where are you expecting to see the tags but not seeing them? Do you mean in the Tags window in EagleFiler? In the tag bar at the bottom of the EagleFiler window? In Finder?

Hi. I’m awfully sorry but I now see that I was looking at my first version of a library, rather than my second. I usually access it from “recent”ly opened, so had forgotten the old version existed. So the mistake is mine. Sorry about that.

No problem, glad to hear that all’s good.