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Thanks for the chuckle

When I received my confirmation email for EagleFiler, SpamSieve had tagged it as junk.

Did you purchase via eSellerate? Because the c-command.com address is on the default SpamSieve whitelist. I’m just curious why it thought it was spam. What does the log say?

Yes, through eSellrate. The log entry was:
Predicted: Spam (99)
Subject: Order Confirmation: Order ST8383064
From: <orders@c-command.com>
Identifier: Zj+Pg+QG7MhWTs1KslkcFw==
Reason: ("orders@c-command.com") matched rule <From (address) Is Equal to "orders@c-command.com"> in SpamSieve blocklist
Date: 2006-12-19 16:31:14 -0600

It may be a glitch to you, I was just amused.

SpamSieve wouldn’t have added this blocklist rule by itself. I guess you’d need to look farther up in the log to see why a previous message from the orders address was trained as spam.