The EASIEST 1-step way to create and maintain a SINGLE email archive

…that doesn’t require periodic merging, combining, copying, etc.

Is there a way to create a SINGLE email archive, into which any emails that get the F1 treatment in Apple Mail will go automatically? Where I don’t have to merge, combine, copy, or do any other file manipulation inside EF? I don’t care what the folder or file is called, what the file extension is or where it stores it. I just want 1-step archiving that doesn’t require thinking or waiting for an app to process files.

I’m sorry, as I figure this has got to be front and center in a pinned forum entry but I can’t seem to find it. Thank you.

If you don’t care how the mail is stored, you can just import with the capture key and view/search everything by clicking on Records. Just make sure that View ‣ Show ‣ Messages in Records Source is checked.

You can also import messages individually, in which case they will always import as .eml files in the chosen folder.

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Thank you.

But what do you mean by the “chosen folder?” How do I “choose” a folder into which the .eml file is directed? It’s the avoidance of having lots of folders containing one or two two email messages that I’m seeking.

By default, it imports into the top level (Unfiled). If you use Capture with options you can pick another folder, and it will remember it between invocations.

You can collapse the folder in the source list if you don’t want to see all the mailboxes within it. Or you can capture individual messages so that they’re imported as .eml files, rather than as mailboxes, in the first place.

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