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The email addresses do not match.

Sorry but I have been trying to bye SpamSieve for over a week but your shop just keep giving me this message: The email addresses do not match.
I done different emails and I done about 20 time but all I get is: The email addresses do not match. Do know how get your product??

Sorry for the order trouble. Please send me a screenshot of the browser window showing what you entered so that I can look into this problem. You could also try using the alternate online store.

screen shot
screen shot

Thanks for the screenshot. It looks to me like the addresses were correctly entered, however FastSpring suggested to me that perhaps one of them has a trailing space. Perhaps a space was added by autocomplete or the OS’s “smart” pasting.

sorry but I have tried again and again and with 3 different emails and I always get the same result?

I use the other shop thanks!