The message "..." could not be moved to the mailbox exchange

Mac 14.2.1 Spamsieve 3.0.3 apple mail outlook mailbox

For the past few days I have been getting the error. “The message [message subject line] could not be moved to the mailbox “Exchange”
The specified object was not found in the store. The process failed to get the correct properties.”

Here’s the log for one of the messages:

Summary: SpamSieve classified this message as Spam because this exact message had been trained as Spam.
Score: 99 (0 is least spammy; 100 is most spammy)
Accuracy: Correct (if this message is not Spam, you should train it as Good)
Help: Correct All the Mistakes
Repeated Prediction: SpamSieve had previously classified this message.
Superseded Prediction: SpamSieve classified this message again later.
Date Logged: Today, 03:04:17

Subject:	Walgreens Earnings Beat Forecasts; New CEO Slashes Dividend - The Wall Street Journal, Police say there has..
From:	Feedspot Today <>
Date Sent:	Thursday, January 4, 2024, 08:13:07
Date Received:	Thursday, January 4, 2024, 08:13:13
To:	xxxxx
Size:	61 KB (17 KB compressed)
Identifier:	n1pTDWSjfFY92qCA0hhU4Q==
Server Filter:	There is no record of a server junk filter evaluating this message. Some mail servers don’t have junk filters, and some filters move messages to a different mailbox without noting in the message that they did this.
Origin:	Exchange (Exchange) ‣ Inbox in Mail 16.0 (filter inboxes)

Contacts:	258
Excluded Contacts:	4

Processing Time:	0.010s
SpamSieve:	3.0.3 at /Applications/
Device:	macOS 14.2.1 (23C71) on mac-studio-m2-3446.local (Mac14,14)
User:	xxxx
Language:	English

What’s going on?


Generally I get the spinning beachball at this point and mail hangs. I have to kill mail. Rarely I can hit OK to dismiss the dialogue box, but not much later another one appears.

The message subjects show as a light brown in Mail and they can’t be deleted manually either.

It sounds like SpamSieve is identifying a spam message and asking Mail to move it to the Junk mailbox, and Mail is asking the Exchange server to do this but encountering an error. Are you able to drag that message to Junk manually?

Please record a sample log from Mail so that we can see what’s causing this.

It sounds like there’s something wrong with Mail’s data store. It may help to rebuild its database.

Thanks for your reply pointing to an exchange server issue.

The messages had been marked by microsoft as spam, that’s why they were brown.

went to the website and instructed it to block the messages and deleted them.

they are still showing on my Mac but I’ll work it from the Mac software side if they don’t go away.