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The one specific spam that gets through every time...

It’s driving me nuts. No matter how many variations I train as bad, Spam Sieve keeps missing a specific kind of spam… promoting SUV’s.

The built-in junk mail filter for Apple Mail catches them… and I train Spam Sieve that they’re bad, but it keeps letting them through.


Find best deals on 2015 SUVs


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Why are these specific emails getting through? Any ideas on how to fix this?

Do you mean that you’re using Mail’s built-in filter simultaneously with SpamSieve? Which folder are you seeing the spams in?

Please see this page.

Correct. Mail is simply marking them as yellow, but they remain in the main inbox. They are not being moved to a junk folder.

This system has been working for about a year with no issues except the one above. In fact, it helps me catch the spam emails that Sieve misses. I then train those additional emails as spam, and they’re added to the filter for the next time.

But these SUV posts make it through multiple times a day, no matter how many times I mark them as spam

Is sending a log in the only way to resolve this?

You could either send in the log or read it yourself (tips here).

A-ha!! I read the log and noticed one of the SUV emails was on the white list. Opened the white list and somehow there were about 40 SUV related emails listed!! I have absolutely no idea how they ended up there, but I deleted them. Hopefully it solves the problem…

That is probably not the right solution to the problem. Please see Spammy Whitelist Rules.