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The variable MarkGoodMessagesUnread is not defined.????

I am running Apple Mail - Remote Training.applescript ; version - 2015-12-21

I get this error message in my console when trying to train a gmail account:

8/29/16 5:33:45.601 PM username[13834]: SpamSieve [Apple Mail Remote Training] Error training from account XXXREDACTEDXXX@google.com : The variable MarkGoodMessagesUnread is not defined.

How can I fix this?


Please download the latest version of the script.

That worked…
Odd duck… I thought I had the latest (the version I was using had the same version date.) I downloaded the latest and it worked.


Glad to hear that. It may be that there was a bug in the initial version of the script posted on that date. Or perhaps your copy had become damaged.