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Things.app New To-Do with E-mail Message

I’m not sure if this is an issue with Things or with EagleFiler.

When I drag a file from an EagleFiler library to Things, Things creates the new to-do with a link to the file. Wonderful!

If I drag an e-mail message file from an EagleFiler library to Things, I get the same behavior. Fantastic!

However, I was hoping it would be possible to get this same functionality if I drag a mail message out of a mailbox in EagleFiler to Things. Is this even possible?


A message that’s stored in a mailbox does not exist on disk as an individual file. It seems that this is the only type of link that Things supports. If you drag the message to a TextEdit window (or choose Edit > Copy Record Link), EagleFiler will produce an x-eaglefiler link to the message.

Okay, so you don’t pass the link directly to Things, it creates it from the file. Dang.

I tried copying and pasting the record link, but that didn’t work. Things didn’t create a link for it. Seems I must speak with Cultured Code about supporting an
x-eaglefiler link.

Thank you!

I don’t think it’s that Things needs to support x-eaglefiler links, but rather links (URLs) in general. Does Things accept bookmarks dragged from Safari? That’s one of the formats that EagleFiler uses when you do Copy Record Link. It does not, but probably could, provide this format when dragging messages.

Yes, Things does support dragging a link or a bookmark from Safari. In the new to-do it will create a link.

I wrote to Cultured Code asking for x-eaglefiler support. I think that’s all that is needed, but I could be very wrong.

My mistake. With the current Safari, dragging bookmarks is like dragging multiple .webloc files, so it’s not a valid comparison.

No worries. Either way, I think it is something that Cultured Code needs to support, not you.

Thanks again!