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Third Party mail recommendation?

Hi All:
Happy New Year to All. We certainly hope!!!

Jist wondering what everyone, and especially you Michael, would recommend for a third party eMail program. Apple mail is a wonderful program but has not run well on my iMac. I have been using Airmail for a few months and it is OK but looking for other options. Additionally, I would like a program that will also operate with my iPhone and iPad.

Thanks for your thoughts


Happy New Year!

I’d be interested to know what, specifically, about Apple Mail isn’t working well for you. That would inform which other client might be a better fit. Or there may be a way to fix Mail on your Mac.

I don’t think there are many that have both Mac and iOS versions. However, due to IMAP and Exchange syncing you can access the same mail store on multiple devices with different clients.

Good Morning Michael:

I can not get Mail to load properly. Apple spent quite some time with me and could not seem to get it straightened out.
Screen Shot 2022-01-03 at 11.19.05 AM

I get these error symbols that randomly appear, disappear than reappear on each mail account. Apple could not figure it out so I have been using Airmail which works OK but doesn’t bring in all my different sub- folders which hold various information. That said, I still switch back to Mail when I need info from one of those folders.

Hmm, that is strange about Apple Mail, and I thought Airmail did support nested folders. I like GyazMail, as the interface is a lot like Mail’s. MailMate has a different style but a lot of advanced features.

Thank you for your reply. I misspoke (mistyped???) about Airmail. I was trying out a couple of programs and got my wires crossed. The website looks pretty old and according to it they haven’t an issue with the software since 2005. Must be REALLY good stuff!

I appreciate your recommendation but it appears that this program does not support iOs so it is not really an option. AirMail does the trick but it seems a bit “funky”. Maybe I’ll give it a try to see how it works but in my case I prefer something that also supports iOs and the Cloud.

Any other thoughts on another program perhaps?

Canary Mail and Mail Pilot are both worth considering. Canary Mail is more like Apple Mail, whereas Mail Pilot takes a different approach that takes some getting used to.

I’ll check them out. Thanks very much.


Another client to recommend, largely as a “drop-in” replacement for Mail, is Postbox:


By drop-in, I mean one that still lets you use Apple’s Contacts and Calendar apps, rather than forcing you into a third party ecosystem. It also supports local “On My Mac” folders, and does not use third party servers, which can be a privacy risk.

Some apps are IMAP only, which means no local storage, and some will use their own servers to support functionality. In the latter case, they may use the content of your e-mail (possibly anonymized) to generate revenue from third parties for market research. So be careful if that is the case, especially if you use the app for work e-mail.

I moved to Postbox after giving up on Apple ever fixing the bugs in Mail that are the topic of a lengthy discussion here:


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Thank you for the input guys. All nice applications but if I can’t integrate them with with SpamSieve and iOs they won’t work for me

Doesn’t that Infinity symbol mean the account is offline? Maybe you already know you’re offline, and can’t figure out why. If so, sorry to waste your time.

Hi Ram:

I finally found out what was causing the issue. It was another piece of software but that situation finally has been rectified!

Thank you for your input. Greatly appreciated!

I found MailMate very flexible. With flexibility comes complexity, however. The developer offered a discount so price on a 3ᴿᴰ party app doesn’t seem so much of an issue. Will explore the others further before deciding.

Mail seems more and more riddled with flaky performance (IMAP mail accounts going offline for the various reasons offered here, display issues with message coloration, interference with/from other apps, sharing/not sharing rules uncontrollably across platforms, sizing of displayed columns, other annoyances).

My general requirements of a Mac email client:

  1. Compatibility with ALL IMAP servers/ISP.
  2. Support for SpamSieve.
  3. Supports the drone client mode of operation across multiple computers
  4. Supports the basic structure, workalike to Mail.app (but without the anomalies).
  5. Nested and local mailboxes.

I use mailmate (MacOS) and Preside (iOS) both with SpamSieve.

Worth a look - both are feature rich - which may or may not float your boat.

Correct. Mailmate was too feature -rich and couldn’t utilize the features important to me. Explained in my recent post about it on this thread. I’m pretty happy with iOS version of Mail on those devices and have intention to upgrade on that side at this time. Maybe later… Airmail likewise has an iOS version though.