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This update has reset some of my Mail preferences

This latest update, which I applied a few hours ago has had an annoying effect of my copy of apple Mail at home.

Junk Mail filtering has been turned back on (!!!) font sizes reverted to defaults and outgoing mail server settings have disappeared so I can’t send any mail !!! These are only the things i have noticed so far

I was slightly concerned when doing the update as I got an alert/splash appear (see attached grab that I happened to do) that i’ve never seen before.

How do I undo this? Can I make use of time machine? My Apple mail is a mobile me account with 10K messages.

Michael? are you there…?

I don’t think any of this is related to SpamSieve. It sounds like some of Mail’s files were damaged and/or deleted. You could try restoring the preferences file and MessageRules.plist using Time Machine.


You were absolutely correct!

Nothing to do with your absolutely wonderful product. I apologise for even considering it.