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Thoughts about Online Storage - What do you use?

A wonderful good evening dear community. I have been working my way through the product description of EagleFiler over the last few days and now I have some questions about CloudStorage.

Which service do you use? There is a nice overview here which services are supported and which services have certain restrictions, but I am not sure which service is best for me.Overview from EagleFiler

Dropbox is a bit too expensive for me. I also find the price of Apple’s own online storage massively overdone.

For me, Amazon Drive and Google Drive would be possible.

Unfortunately the Amazon Drive app on the mobile phone is everything but nice. I think it’s sad that Amazon doesn’t invest in a useful user experience anymore. A nice user interface looks different.

For me it is important that I can search data on my mobile phone and that I have fully indexed files. This does not seem to work that well with Dropbox. With Google Drive, however, the whole thing works. But according to the documentation no metadata should be taken over.

Which online storage did you use? I want to access my data via my Mac and via my iPhone.

Thanks a lot for your help and have a nice day.

I have one additional question. What do you think about Mega as an online storage? Does it work well with EagleFiler and does it support File Tags etc?

Google Drive is fine if you don’t need support for creation dates or colored labels.

I’ve not tested with Mega or heard of anyone using it.

How much storage do you need?

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Thank you for the quick answer. Atm I have all my documents. Like 5-10 years of bills, taxes paper and other stuff in some folders. At the moment I have a bit more time and want to invest this to go full digital with all my paper work. Atm I can’t tell
You how much storage I need but min >50GB would be nice I think.

I compared the prices and the integrations of the difference cloud storage services. I really enjoy search for text inside files and seems like just google drive supports this. Mega and Amazon don’t Supports this Feature. Kind of sad

For sure I can start to scan all my paper and choose a cloud storage later, this is not an showstopper for me but I want to have access to this even when I am at my phone. I think this is one reason why Someone in this forum (including me) looking forward to an EagleFiler iOS App with a lot of Cloud Services included and search option etc :slight_smile:

It sounds like you should give Google Drive a try and see how you like it. If you run out of free space, it’s $20/year, which is less than iCloud Drive and Dropbox, for 100 GB.

Understood. :slight_smile:

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Thank you Michael for your research and your quick answer :slight_smile:
I really appreciated your software products and “customer support - experience”

Keep going. I will buy EaglerFiler as soon as my trial expires.