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Three Newbie Questions

  1. Is it possible to annotate folders?
    I then to think in nested folder terms and would like to import existing folders of project files. I can’t figure out a way of putting a note that defines the folders contents rather than editing individual files.
  2. Are there examples somewhere of how other people use EagleFiler?
    This seems to be a very deep program with lots of options. Are there any blog posts, writeups out there of how others have integrated EagleFiler into there workflow?
  3. Is it possible to create archive dvds of Libraries?
    One possible use I can see is as away of bringing together project resources, final files, archived emails and then burning the Library file to external media as a way of archiving projects. Sensible? Possible? A better way?

Thanks in advance.

If you select the folder in the records list, you can then edit its note in the Info window.

There are some threads here with the Workflow tag.

I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking. EagleFiler libraries are regular files/folders so, yes, you can burn them to DVD (e.g. using the Finder or DropDMG). The files would be directly accessible from the DVD. However, you would need to copy the library back to a hard disk in order to open it with EagleFiler because it expects the database file to be on a writable volume.

Thanks for the answers, will check out the workflow tag.

Regarding Archive. Yep, this is exactly what I was asking. Knowing that EagleFiler would need write access is very helpful.