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I’ve just realised why I’m so at home with Eaglefiler - it’s essentially the same as a graphics database I used to use, and love, on Windows, called SuperJPG. It used the original file’s folder system and added a tab hierarchy as metadata in each file. Indeed the only thing that SuperJPG used to do which Eaglefiler doesn’t is to dispaly jpgs as thumbnails.

Now I know I can select ‘go to Finder window’ and see all the pictures as thumbnails - but it’s not the same. Do you have any plans to show jpgs as thumbnails? I wouldn’t need to use iPhoto at all then.

You mean like an icon view instead of the current list view? That’s something I’m considering.

yes - either in the top window - thumbnails instead of icons of all the image files in that folder, or, if a folder is selected in the top window, the thumbnails of all the images in the bottom window. I have loads of image files for work, all grouped into folders (for individual patients) and it’s cumbersome to have to click on each image file to see what it contains.

Great—it sounds like our desires are in sync.

Okay, I’m only suggesting this because it would be a “wow” kind of feature that I don’t think any of the others have. And, Michael, I’m ducking just in case :wink:

What about adding a Cover Flow view? Since they’ve added it to Finder in Leopard, there might be a nice API for it . . . I haven’t looked, though.

Again, this isn’t something I personally would like. I find Cover Flow pretty annoying, actually, and it does nothing for me to flip through my source code. BUT, if people would like to replace iPhoto with EagleFiler (which is a superb idea, BTW and I’m planning on doing it right now), then this would be a nice feature.

I’m still planning to add a real icon view, but I wanted to point out that there’s now a way to view larger thumbnails. You can select multiple images at once, then press Spacebar (for Quick Look), and click the button with the four squares. You’ll get something like this:


Thanks for pointing that out - I’ll find that very useful in lots of apps now!