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Thunderbird 3.0 support?

Don’t update to Thunderbird 3.0 released today

Unfortunately, if one updates to Thunderbird 3.0 there is no way to go back unless one has a fresh backup. The installer informs you that the SpamSieve plug-in has been disabled at the end of the install.

SpamSieve saves me a lot of time each day by filtering 60-80 junk mail messages each day. I hope this can be fixed!


Downgrading to TB2
You can downgrade to TB2. Just re-install TB2 and all your configuration, mail and addons are re-instated.

The link to TB2 is no longer published but you can download the latest version from;


Choose win (for Windows) or mac (for Mac OS X) and go to the language of your preference. e.g. for English, go to eng-us (US) or eng-gb (Great Britain/UK).

On Mac OS X, just drag the TB2 app into your Applications folder, overwriting your TB3 app. Voila! Downgrade success!

Downgrading to Thunderbird 2.0

Thanks for the link. I downgraded back to Thunderbird 2.0 and all my current mail received in 3.0 did indeed appear.


Saddened that support for Thunderbird 3 remains off the table
SpamSieve has been a good, old friend for years. I’ve recommended it to many clients (along with Thunderbird). Many of those clients understood when I recommended against updating to beta packages.

But T-bird has grown up a bit with version 3, and it’s been out quite a while. I have a choice: I can tell clients that they need to stay with a version that is quite long in the tooth now so they can keep using SpamSieve (or buy licenses if their offices expand in the future), or they will have to give it up to use the more current Thunderbird.

Surprisingly, most question WHY they should stay with T-bird v2. They look at me askance if I suggest SpamSieve is the only remaining reason. They ask if I recommend tools that don’t keep up with current shipping products or that they should stay with technology now deprecated to the dust bin. It’s difficult to argue with that.

SpamSieve will need to continue to evolve to stay relevant. I hope someday, it does.

I’m thinking of switching from Gyazmail to Thunderbird… Any progress on interoperability with Thunderbird 3?


No. When and if there is progress I will be sure to post here.

Any news now that Thunderbird 3.1 is out?

Is SpamSpieve ever going to work with Thunderbird 3.x? If not, I might as well uninstall it. While it fails to launch when T-bird is launched, it still quits when T-bird quits. All told, it’s not doing anything but taking up space and processing cycles.

I do not currently know of a way to load a junk mail plug-in into Thunderbird 3, although that isn’t to say that this will never be possible.

It should only quit when Thunderbird quits and there are no other mail programs running, so I wouldn’t expect this to cause problems. However, there’s a preference to turn this off if you want.

Hoping that Thunderbird 5.0 Works
Just saw that Thunderbird 5.0 got released. Keeping my fingers crossed that thye have made it possible for SpamSieve to work.