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Thunderbird 3.0 support?

Any ideas when SpamSieve will support v3.0 of Thunderbird?


No. Thunderbird 3 is still about nine months away from release. Hopefully as it gets more stable I’ll be able to get it working with SpamSieve.

TB 3.0 support?

I’m currently using version TB 3.0a2pre (2008052603) as my default email reader. It appears to be quite stable. Any chance you might implement a SS support for TB 3.0 in the near future? Thanks.

I don’t know. It depends on whether Thunderbird’s junk plug-in interface has been fixed.

Has this been fixed yet in Thunderbird? I’m eager to get SpamSieve working with Thunderbird 3.0b2.

Thunderbird 3.0b2 has made some significant changes to the plug-in interface. I’m currently trying to adapt to those, and then I’ll be able to see whether the plug-in loading problem has been fixed.

That’s great news! If you need help with testing, I’ll be subscribed to this thread.

SS and Thunderbird 3.0b2 - yes, please!
I am a long time user of SS and swear by it! I just gave up on Apple Mail because of its quirky behavior with IMAP, and switched to Thunderbird. I had to use 3.0b2 because of its integration of the Apple Address Book (iPhone, MobileMe, etc., all use it).

So add my name to your list of very satisfied customers who are anxiously awaiting SS on TB 3.0b2.

Keep up the great work, Michael!

Unfortunately, I still have not been able to get Thunderbird 3 to load a junk filter plug-in.

Hi Michael-

Thanks for your effort. SS is truly the best spam filter around!

Exactly same situation here.

Please add my name also!!

YES! PLEASE! Me too!

Another user here hoping for a 3.0 solution. Thank you.

Thunderbird 3.x
Hi Michael-

As you know in TB 3 one can use an external program to check spam using either Spam Assassin or SpamPal. Any chance this scheme could be used with Spam Sieve?

No. That feature simply means that if SpamAssassin has already modified a message to show its spam level, Thunderbird can respect SpamAssassin’s judgement. There is no facility for Thunderbird to hand off the messages to an external program.

Keep up the great work Michael. SS is the best.

Just another volunteer to help with TB 3.0 testing/development in any way that I can.

Now that Thunderbird 3.0 is out, do they have the necessary hooks for junk mail filters? Hopefully they do, and we’ll see SpamSieve for Thunderbird 3 soon.



I don’t think situation has changed since the Thunderbird 3 pre-releases, so I would not expect it to work with SpamSieve anytime soon.

Well that’s unfortunate, I like SS and certainly would like to use it with Thunderbird.

Just hope you do find a way to integrate SS with Thunderbird


Hopefully it gets fixed in the future.

Keep up the great work Michael.