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Thunderbird 8

Hi Guys,
My wife has SpamSieve and loves it for her Mac Mail.

I’m running OS 10.7.2 Lion and Thunderbird v. 8.

Upon installation for the add on in Thunderbird, I’m told this is not compatible.

Any help?

Happy Thanksgiving,

David (frustrated)

Thunderbird 8 is not one of the compatible mail programs. You might want to try Postbox.

Thank you Michael. Would have been sweet to know before I paid and Thunderbird is a great program and obviously was support.
Oh well, corporate amerika!!

If you’d prefer to keep using Thunderbird 8 and not use SpamSieve, I can certainly offer you a refund. Just let me know what you want to do.

SpamSieve / Thunderbird 8
I’ve used SpamSieve for years and love it. Today I switched from Mail to Thunderbird 8 and was surprised that Thunderbird 8 is not supported. From the comment in this thread it seems as if there may be no plans to do so. Is SpamSieve going to support T-8 in the future?

If not, why?


It’s not really a question of plans. Something changed in Thunderbird 3, and since then I’ve not been able to hook into it with a junk filter plug-in. Periodically, I give it another try, but there’s no telling if/when I’ll be able to get it to work, or whether it’s even possible to make it work.

Hope it works
I’m so accustomed to using SpamSieve that I hope you eventually work it out to support Thunderbird 8. After making the decision to stick with OS 10.6.8 rather than upgrade to Lion on my MacBook Pro Thunderbird is a significant improvement over the version of Mail in 10.6.8. I’ve loaded Lion on another machine and taken a look at the new Mail and I still like T-bird 8 better. Also, looked at Postbox which didn’t work for me. The current version of Postbox has some sorting issues which will drive you nuts if you don’t stick with their ascending default.

Incompatible Love
I love my Mac, my SpamSieve and Thunderbird but haven’t been able to use SpamSieve for some time because of the problems with Thunderbird compatibility. I too, didn’t like PostBox after purchasing it and went back to Thunderbird. Miss my SpamSieve!! How you can resolve the issue.