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Thunderbird & Penelope

As a longtime Eudora user I have switched to Thunderbird with the Penelope plug in. I installed the thunderbird plug in for SpamSieve, but I don’t see any changes in the statistics for SpamSieve as I train it. Anyone have any insight here?

Joseph Ayers

Which version of Eudora/Thunderbird are you using? Not all versions are compatible with the plug-in.

My configuration is:

Leopard 10.5.2
Penelope 0.1a19-tb
SpamSieve 2.6.6
MacBook Intel Core 2 Duo

Joseph Ayers

I am using that exact configuration, and it’s working. Do you see the SpamSieve plug-in in Thunderbird’s Add-ons window? Does SpamSieve’s log change as you train it?

Indeed, all of the above obtains with the following caveats.

  1. When I select a message and choose “As Junk” from the Thunderbird/Penelope messages menu, nothing appears to happen i.e. the Junk icon doesn’t appear in the “Junk” column and the message doesn’t get copied to the Junk folder. This latter behavior has been selected in both the general preferences as well as in the account settings for all accounts.

  2. The number of messages in the corpus doesn’t change despite serious repeated application of (1) above.

  3. Where do I get any indication of training “progress” or end?

Joseph Ayers

What changes do you see in SpamSieve’s log after training?

As far as I can tell, these are due to Penelope. With Penelope enabled, the training happens but the message doesn’t move and only sometimes gets marked in the Junk column. With Penelope disabled, the messages are consistently marked and moved.

If the message is already in the corpus (which it might be due to auto-training, even if you hadn’t trained the message manually), the number of messages in the corpus would already have increased, and further training will not increase it more. So this is probably not a problem.

SpamSieve will flash an “S” or “G” in its Dock icon for each spam or good message trained. Modern Macs are fast, though, so you might not see this. To know for sure what’s happening, you need to look at the log.