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Thwarting "Domain SPAM"

I downloaded SpamSieve a week ago and I’ve already got it trained to high accuracy (I’m still evaluating the DEMO). It seems to work well, with one exception: it doesn’t catch the new breed of “domain SPAM.” Domain SPAM is where the spammer finds your domain name and uses random characters to the left of the “@” mark to send SPAM to that domain.

Is there an easy way to tell SpamSieve to junk-filter all emails coming into our office domain, except for the addresses I specify?

In other words, say I have the following addresses:


Can I tell SpamSieve that to check for all emails sent to “domain.com” and filter out any that are not in “john” or “frank” or “sam”? That should then filter out such emails like "1276g32hg32hj@domain.com" and the like.

Thank you!

Yes, please see the Matches Regex section of this page.

However, I think a better solution in this case would be to configure your server to discard messages that aren’t sent to a valid address. That way you wouldn’t even have to download these messages.

Catch all
Hi Michael,

Many thanks for the suggestions. I totally had forgotten about the fact “catch all” was enabled on my server. Disabling that blocks all incoming emails sent to addresses other than what we have setup – a fast and easy solution!

Thank you!